African-American Museum

Roots 101

The Roots 101 African – American Museum will be a museum dedicated to tell the story of the African-American journey from Africa and all ports in between.

Mission Statement

To promote understanding and inspire appreciation of the achievement, contribution, and experiences of African Americans using exhibits, programs, and activities to illustrate African-American history, culture and art.


Provide opportunity for those who are interested in African-American culture to explore and reveal in this history through interactive exhibitions.


Inform all Americans how the stories of African Americans, and their cultures were shaped and influenced by global influences.


Explore What it means to be an African American and share the story of resilience, optimism, and spirituality as reflected in our journey from the past to the present.


We will also serve as home of collaboration that reaches beyond Louisville, Ky to engage new audiences and work with educational institutions and civic organizations while continually educating and inspiring our community.


Educational And Emotional Journey

  • Cooper gallery – one the first international black art distributors
  • My Life Matters interactive video booth.
  • Great Kentucky educators exhibit.
  • Legendary sports figures.
  • Negro baseball league collection.
  • Derogatory images exhibits.
  • African mask and African artifacts.
  • Famous black figures, Musical legends, Musical sheets, and Albums.

Past to the future

Roots 101 African-American Museum

The authentic voice of african american art history and culture in Kentucy. Engage the visitor from the past to the future.  In addition to these exhibits, a Mobile Museum creates an easier and more accessible learning experience for senior citizen programs, as well as educational programs and academic purposes for grades K-12.

Discover More

The roots -101 African American Museum will always be planted in the deep roots of the legacy of kings and queens.
819 W Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202

+1 (502) 210-1279